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LAST UPDATE: Aug 4 2003   The purpose of this site is to present pre-Amiga Commodore Computer History. Contrary to the what Apple revisionists would have you believe, Apple did not create the PC business; without question Commodore did: from the worlds first single board computer (MOS KIM-1); to the first real computer (Commodore PET); to the best selling computer in history (Commodore 64), Commodore 'ruled the pool'. The main site will be updated and expanded frequently. Please visit us again.


Commodore / MOS KIM1
Commodore PET Series including, SuperPET, B Series and more
Commodore VIC-20
Commodore 64
Commodore Ted, 264, 116, Plus/4 Series
Commodore 128


Commodore Innovations
Commodore Chronology
MOS Technologies / Commodore Semi-Conductor Group
Commodores Jack Tamiel
Commodores / MOS' Chuck Peddle
Commodores Irving Gould


MOS / Commodore KIM-1 Users Guide                                                Text Format  188K 
MOS / Commodore KIM-1 Hardware                                                    Text Format  330K
MOS / Commodore KIM-1 Hints                                                          Text Format    22K
MOS / Commodoge KIM-1 Mon                                                           Text Format    34K

Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive Troubleshooting & Diagnosis Table    .JPG Format   126K

Commodore 64 Troubleshooting & Diagnosis Table                             .JPG Format   154K

Commodore 128 System Guide / Users Manual Part 1: Sections 1-15 Text Format       327K  
Commodore 128 System Guide / Users Manual Part 2: Sections 16-App. Text Format 284K

Massive Commodore Archive, manuals, pictures, schematics, programs, firmware...
thousands of small pages


We encourage you to visit our much more complete full site with a modern browser if you are able to.

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